Next-Level IT has officially achieved professional level solution provider certification status with VMWare. This certification with VMWare allows us to not only provide you with service and support of VMWare products, but it also provides us the resources, training, and inside information on VMWare’s latest suite of products and offerings. This is in part of our goal of providing your organization with Next-Level Information Technology services, support, and solutions!

VMWare Inc. offers software and services to virtualize your computing and network infrastructure. VMWare’s products range from Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Network Virtualization, Management of virtualization across all platforms as well as cloud and hybrid virtualized networks.

As part of the services that Next-Level IT provides, we can create virtual hardware platforms, operating systems, servers, storage devices and computer network resources. Implementing virtualization into your environment introduces flexibility and redundancy to your network providing increased security and cost savings. By migrating to virtual machines and decreasing the footprint of your data center your company will see cost saving in energy use and hardware purchases.

Next-Level IT provides professional Information Technology services and solutions focusing on planning, implementing, and supporting day-to-day business needs to advanced Information Technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses within the Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island areas. Contact Us today to schedule a complimentary onsite assessment of your network environment!